Au moment clé où certains États remettent en cause l’importance et l’urgence de réduire leur impact sur le changement climatique[1], il devient essentiel de rechercher une plus grande efficacité et légitimité de la gouvernance environnementale régionale et mondiale. De plus, la gouvernance environnementale offre un point de départ idéal pour aborder ces questions, du fait, en particulier de l’actuelle politisation des questions et institutions environnementales.

Transparency is often considered a prerequisite for democratic accountability, and can be conceptualized as the extent to which individuals affected by a decision have the capacity to learn about the decision-making process. This post will analyze the impact of ICTs on access to information and capacity building offered by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to its members.

The global civil society aims to be the voice of groups and individuals during international negotiations on global issues, especially for marginalized people or minorities. In this sense, it can provide more legitimacy to the international relations decisions making mechanisms by involving more stakeholders, being more open and making the mechanisms more transparent for the general public.

New forms of activism use social media channels to debate, discuss but also to spread information rapidly and freely. Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools increasingly became the favored space where citizen start their participation in protests by either posting a photo, an information for the press, or support a cause by liking its page or following its hashtag.

The World Social Forum was created in 2001 in opposition to the Davos World Economic Forum. It rapidly spread around the world and now counts numerous regional and local forums where grassroot organizations meet, discuss, exchange ideas, experiences and come out with some recommendations. The use of new ICTs was crucial for its development, as it provided affordable and efficient means of communication and coordination.